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Rendering Perth are your premier team of rendering professionals. We specialise in the use of cement and acrylic overlays to achieve a stunning variety of designer looks for your home or business. Our team has an abundance of experience, finishing everything from fencing, to interior walls and whole-home exteriors with a stylish, durable and lasting veneer.


Render is becoming the go-to option for home exteriors, due to its great look, versatility and weather-resistant properties. Rendering your home’s façade is an affordable, low-maintenance choice; all buildings are subject to wear over the years, but a rendered veneer can be quickly and economically refinished, by way of a simple patch-up.


Render is the preferred finish for most new homes in Perth, favoured for its clean lines and modern aesthetic. It is also the primary method of revamping older properties, restoring them to their former glory by masking imperfections that develop over time . Refinishing your home will markedly increase its real estate value.

Benefits of Rendering Your Perth Property:

  • Allows you to completely change the look of your property, creating a smooth, uniform appearance in the colour of your choice;
  • Can be applied to a large variety of substrate materials, including brick, Hebel and Besser blocks, concrete and painted surfaces;
  • Render has mild insulative properties, guarding your Perth property against heat and cold;
  • Helps to waterproof your home’s substrate materials, creating a level of protection against penetrating damp and mould growth. Acrylic mixtures are especially water-resistant;
  • Simply refinishing a small area, such as the front portico, or some decorative edging around windows and doors, can completely transform your property;
  • Achieves a variety of custom finishes from smooth concrete, to textured sandstone—the possibilities are endless!
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Is DIY The Best Option, Or Should I Call Perth’s Rendering Professionals?


Rendering your home is not something to be taken lightly. Once applied, the overlay is not easily removed. Render will dramatically impact the look and saleability of your property, and this impact can be positive or negative, depending on the skill and knowledge underpinning the project.


A professional renderer is skilled in the correct preparation of substrate surfaces, which is vital to flawless application; and will use the finest quality materials, to achieve an even, attractive and durable result.


While doing something yourself can be rewarding and cost-effective, DIY is best reserved for smaller projects at your home. Investing in a professional service at the outset, will ensure that you don’t have to bring in the experts later on, to refinish a botched application, possibly doubling your expenses.


Why Choose Rendering Perth to Complete Your Project?


Our skilled and experienced team of Perth locals will go to every length to ensure that you are thrilled with the result of your project. During your free, on-site consultation, we take the time to listen and understand exactly what you want to achieve.


“We will happily provide examples of our work if you need some inspiration and, before your project commences, we can patch-test a variety of colour samples on your home, to ensure that the finished product marries with your design vision.


At Rendering Perth, we pride ourselves on offering solutions to satisfy any taste and budget. We understand that rendering your home is a big decision and we make it our priority to ensure that the process is positive for our clients—we keep you informed at every turn and ensure that your project is completed on time.


Call us today to discover the many reasons why Rendering Perth are the go-to professionals in the greater Perth area.